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Sabah Sea Surveillance System (SSSS)

In 2010 Puncak awarded with the Project of Design, Develop, Supply, Deliver, Install, Integrate, Test and Commission Sabah Sea Surveillance System Project for Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). It consist of 3 Remote Surveillance System (RSS) and 1 Main Monitoring System (MCC)

System overview:
  • Surveillance Radar System
  • The Radar Processing System
  • Ship Data Processing System
  • Radio Direction Finder (RDF)
  • Long Range Surveillance Camera
  • Infrastructures and Amenities
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)


Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU)

On August 2009, PUNCAK was successfully awarded the contract for the tender, Integrate, Test and Commission Mobile Surveillance Radar and Optical Surveillance System for Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Supply, Deliver, Install,

Mobile Surveillance Unit or MSU is a state-of-the-art marine mobile surveillance system that consists of marine radar, surveillance camera, satellite communication system, 100 ft telescopic antenna mast, control cabin, self-contain power generating system and other support facilities.


Royal Malaysian Navy Ministry Of Defence

Puncak was successfully awarded the contract for the implementation of a Digital Hydrographic Archiving System (DHAS) and Digital Document Management System (DDMS) for the Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN).

This project involves the establishment of a Malaysian Centre for Hydrographic Data Warehouse. DHAS and DDMS (in short) to better reflect its broad role in the establishment of infrastructure (Information Infrastructure) aimed at integrating geo-information or hydrographic data in support of seamless access and sharing of the same among and between government agencies; Federal and States.

The Digital Hydrographic Archiving System (DHAS) and Digital Document Management System (DDMS) is a homogenous system. The DHAS & DDMS is a system offering that links documents to features on a hydrographic data. The DDMS section will be the driving force of this seamless solution where it will be supported by Geographical Information System (GIS) portion of the DHAS.


Malaysian Sea Surveillance System (MSSS) Upgrade

In the 4th. quarter of 2005, PUNCAK was awarded the contract to upgrade the Malaysian Sea Surveillance System (MSSS). The Malaysian Vessel Traffic System (MVTS) was initially set up by the Malaysian Government for the purpose of prevention and detection of any major accidents or environmental incidents that may happen in the Straits of Malacca.

The Malaysian Sea Surveillance System upgrade involves the following works:-
  • Integration of new Optronics and RDF as well as inclusion of AIS information into the MSSS.
  • New Radar Processing software and hardware.
  • Facelift of the current MSSS Control Centres

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